LA RIOT is an independent project with the sole purpose of making arthouse films more accessible to and better appreciated by young people. We, a group of fifteen students, write critics and articles about the newest arthouse films and organize monthly screenings with a special program.

Both Rialto, an arthouse cinema in Amsterdam, and us wanted arthouse films to reach more young people. Therefore we thought it was best to create a place where young people could actually meet and watch a specific film together. This gave us the idea to launch LA RIOT in 2014.

Besides having our own website where we publish reviews on the latest arthouse films, LA RIOT also organizes film screenings on a monthly basis. Two means that help us to create a digital as well as a physical platform for both arthouse cinema geeks and anyone else who might be interested.

Who are part of LA RIOT?
Fifteen people aged between 18 and 25, most of them are students; and their focus differs from film studies to European studies or biology. They all share a deep-felt passion for arthouse films and together spend their free time to write and create the before mentioned reviews and to organize the screenings.

What do we do?
We ourselves are responsible for our marketing, social media (Facebook and Twitter), communication with professionals in the film business and everything that is needed to keep our success. With the aid of Rialto we choose an arthouse film of interest to young people after which the actual screening takes place in their cinema. These evenings have drawn the attention of film distributors who have approached us several times with film suggestions – they are very keen on working together. Usually these screenings take place a few days before the film has its Dutch release. And there is always more than just the screening; we always look for something to enhance the experience, for example by inviting the director or producer to discuss the film, or having the film introduced by an expert, or having someone play some music  afterwards, or just simply by serving a suitable drink or snack. Anything is possible.